Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In the Home Studio
In the Studio at Universal Music Group

Who, exactly is Halo?

Ok, so we aren’t sure how frequently this question is actually asked, and besides, we answered it in the About Halo page…but we’ll answer it anyway.  Halo is an animal loving, teenaged, diva-in-training with an angelic voice, a larger than life personality and an amazing sense of style.  She dances, acts, models, paints, and creates in her spare time. She loves making music and making new friends, and hopes that you’ll be one of them!

Can Halo perform at my event?

Halo is currently in the studio working on her first album. After that, she’ll be shooting music videos. She is looking forward to getting out there to perform, but she’s only able to do special events right now, due to her schedule. Head over to our Contact Us page and submit a request.

Is that her real name?

Not the “Glam” part, of course, but yup…Halo is her real name.

Can you tell us about the music?

This one gets asked a lot.  Halo comes up with the ideas for most of her songs.  One day, way back in elementary, after studying acronyms at school, she came home and said, “WOW.  Watch Out World.  That should be the name of my first song!”  Halo and her dad immediately went out to their recording studio and began working on the song, and the rest is history.  Most of her music focuses on believing in yourself, being yourself, and the importance of being a good person. She thinks that talking about these things is especially important in today’s cynical and often judgmental world. The trick is talking about them in a way that doesn’t come off as silly or cheesy, and she’s gotten pretty good at that part.

All in all, her lyrics and themes are family (and radio) friendly, without sacrificing good production and great songwriting. It’s the kind of stuff that parents can crank up and listen to in the car with their kids – without having to mute certain parts or give uncomfortable explanations for.