About Halo

Who is Halo?

Halo is a teenage fashionista, currently splitting her time between Miami and La La Land (Los Angeles).  She enjoys hanging with friends, glitter, shopping, ballet dancing, make-up (with glitter), fashion (with glitter), musical theater, photo shoots, and singing.

She just finished recording several songs from her upcoming LP “Social Suicide”.

She’s in the studio, working with an amazing team of producers, writers and engineers, including Jaylien Wesley, M.A.T.T., AnywayWell and others, recording new music.

In addition to her music, Halo has appeared in voiceover roles for Fisher Price’s “Wonder Makers” YouTube series, as well as several commercials and a short for self-help guru Dhar Mann.

Modeling & Music Videos

Halo loves getting dressed up and having her make up done.  She’s all business when it comes to photo shoots, but has a lot of fun doing it.

Halo shot a music video for her first single, W.O.W.  It was released on June 12, 2018.  Check out the “Music Video” page to watch! She’s also got videos for 2 other songs, and hopes to work on more soon!